Smsn t.



A South-African boy, born and raised in Bloemfontein with a life-long passion for music, currently living the dream tearing down the streets of Porto, where he is studying.
Living life as an unending soundtrack made up of the experiences and inspirations from artists that have helped him shape his perspective, navigate through life, and write his own story.
Using only a pen, a piece of paper and an endless hunger and strive for success, Thato Modumedi Mosohli aka SMSN T. aims at becoming one of the artists that can help spread South-African culture and represent his roots and community in the music industry.
The rapper’s goals right now are to attract a larger audience and build up his streams but for the future, the dream is to partner with the artists that inspire him, and who can help the rapper expand his reach and find the label that will share his vision and work hand-in-hand towards one goal: spreading his message.
Music for every soul with the keywords: self-reliance, respect and positivity. #BigDawgEnergy #StriveMoreSurrenderNever